Tree Removal Sunshine Coast

Are you wondering if you are able to remove a tree from your Sunshine Coast property?

Perhaps your tree is:

  • Too close to your house
  • Leaning towards your house
  • In the way of a construction or renovation project
  • Constantly dropping branches and leaves
  • Dead or dyingTree Lopping Sunshine Coast & Hinterland
  • Classified as a weed or known problem tree
  • Need to be felled as part of your tree management plan
  • Part of an already approved scope of works that includes approval to remove the tree

A question you need to answer is – Do I need approval?

Here is the link to the Sunshine Coast Council information for Tree Clearing on private property.

If you are unsure you need to speak with your local council for advice that relates to your property and circumstance, you may need an Arborist report.

Arborist ReportsArborist report sunshine coast

Some trees, depending on your local Council, require an Arborist’s report before certain work can be done to them. An Arborist report is supporting evidence for the removal or pruning of a tree(s) and must be from a Level 5 Consulting Arborist. For example trees on development sites, are likely to be affected and where work is proposed on heritage listed property.  Perhaps you have a significant tree or trees considered prominent in a heritage conservation area and these will require a report from a consulting arborist.

Parklands Maintenance can organise this for you as a preliminary to any desired works you may have.

Tree Trimming and Maintenance

Not all trees require removal – often we can view the tree an complete a trimming of the tree to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

  • CROWN THINNING reduces the overall number of limbs by selectively removing diseased or rubbing branches. It reduces the crown’s density without altering its natural shape. This allows increased light and air to penetrate the canopy. The reduced shade around the base of the tree encourages lawn and plant growth and the reduced wind resistance reduces the risk of storm damage.
  • CROWN LIFTING OR RAISING increases ground clearance by removing the lower limbs. Various reasons include clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings etc. It also increases light penetration to shaded areas beneath the canopy encouraging the growth of grass and other vegetation.
  • CROWN CLEANING is the removal of select branches that may be diseased, dying, weak or just generally objectionable for whatever reason. Many species of Palm that do not self-clean (naturally shed old fronds) require regular maintenance, removing dead fronds and seed pods, to keep them looking at their best.
  • CROWN REDUCTION is a more severe form of pruning reducing the height and/or spread of the tree. It can be required to reduce the weight of potentially dangerous limbs, to balance the shape following storm damage or bad pruning, to prevent obstruction from buildings or to provide clearance for overhead service lines.
  • POLLARDING not so popular in Australia as it is in Europe, this is a method of pruning in which the upper branches are removed, promoting a dense head of foliage from epicormic growth. It is generally used to keep a tree or shrub smaller than its natural size.

For all your tree removal or tree maintenance contact the team at Parklands Maintenance today.